In order to stay abreast of the ever-evolving trends and issues its customers face, Keefe Group participates in and provides corporate support to a host of national and state organizations, including:

National Organizations:
American Correctional Association (ACA)
American Jail Association (AJA)
Association of Women Executives in Corrections (AWEC)
Correctional Leaders Association (CLA)
Corrections Technology Association (CTA)
National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ)
National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA)
North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents (NAAWS)
Southern States Correctional Association (SSCA)
United States Deputy Wardens’ Association (USDWA)
Working Women in Corrections and Juvenile Justice (WWICJJ)

State Organizations:
Alabama Jail Association
Alabama Sheriffs Association
Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association
California State Sheriffs’ Association
Colorado Jail Association
Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency
Florida Sheriffs Association
Georgia Jail Administrator’s Association
Georgia Prison Wardens’ Association
Georgia Sheriffs’ Association
Idaho Corrections Association
Idaho Juvenile Justice Association
Indiana Criminal Justice Association
Indiana Sheriffs’ Association
Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association
Kansas Sheriff’s Association
Kentucky Jailer Association
Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association
Louisiana Wardens’ Association
Maryland Correctional Administrators’ Association
Maryland Sheriffs’ Association
Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association
Michigan Sheriffs’ Association
Minnesota Jail Administrator and Sheriff’s Association
Mississippi Jail Association
Mississippi Sheriff’s Association
Missouri Sheriffs’ Association
Montana Sheriff’s and Peace Officers’ Association
Nebraska Sheriff’s Association
New Hampshire Association of Counties
New Jersey County Jail Wardens’ Association
New Mexico Sheriff’s Association
New York State Sheriffs’ Association
North Carolina Correctional Association
North Carolina Jail Administrators’ Association
North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association
Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association
Ohio Justice Alliance for Community Corrections
Ohio Wardens and Superintendents Association 
Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association
Oregon Criminal Justice Association
Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association
Pennsylvania Prison Warden’s Association
South Carolina Correctional Association
South Carolina Jail Administrators’ Association
South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association
South Dakota Sheriff’s Association
Tennessee Jail Administrators’ Association
Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association
Texas Corrections Association
Texas Jail Association
Sheriffs’ Association of Texas
Virginia Association of Regional Jails
Virginia Correctional Association
Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute
Washington State Jail Association
West Central Warden’s Association
West Virginia Association of Correctional Employees
Western Regional Association