Access Secure Photo

Access Secure Photo gives an inmate’s family and friends the ability to share photos with an inmate electronically.

Pictures arrive at your facility independent of Access Secure Mail messages, so your staff can review, approve or reject both messages and photos. Designated reviewers save valuable time by reviewing up to 36 photos at one time rather than clicking on each individual photo. Access Secure Photo also eliminates the possibility of contraband, which can be hidden in traditional photographic ink and under postage stamps. Once approved, photos can be printed, sent for download to our Access to Entertainment MP3 player or sent to our Edge inmate kiosk.

Your facility will benefit from Access Secure Photo technology in many ways:

  • Eliminates the potential for contraband
  • Authorized staff can easily review and approve ALL photos
  • Mailroom staff workload is reduced
  • Costs for returning unapproved photos are eliminated
  • All photos are electronically archived for future recall and investigative purposes
  • Inmates feel connected with friends and family members’ daily lives
  • A revenue generation option is available
  • Our Access Secure Data Detective software automatically identifies individuals on the outside who have interacted with multiple inmates.