Access Secure Mail

The Access Secure Mail program gives an inmate’s family and friends the ability to send electronic mail to an inmate.

The mail is processed through our Word Watch filtering system, which identifies and reports key words and phrases. Once it’s approved by the facility, the email can be printed, sent for download through our Access to Entertainment® MP3 player program or sent to our Edge inmate kiosk for the inmate to retrieve.

Your facility will benefit from Access Secure Mail technology in many ways:

  • Eliminates the potential for contraband
  • Reduces the workload of mail room staff
  • Authorized facility staff can easily review and approve ALL secure messages
  • Word Watch software flags key words and phrases
  • ALL messages are electronically saved for future recall and investigative purposes
  • Revenue generation options are available
  • Messages typed in Spanish can be quickly translated to English
  • Our Data Detective software automatically identifies individuals on the outside who have interacted with multiple inmates

Access Secure Mail users simply select the inmate by booking number or name, type the message and send. Inmates’ family and friends love the convenience of Access Secure Mail services—no stamps or driving to the post office—as well as the timeliness with which they can contact their loved one. Access Secure Mail, messages arrive at the facility in real time and, in most cases, are reviewed, approved and delivered to the inmate within 24 hours.