Access Secure Deposits

With Access Secure Deposits, an inmate’s family and friends can deposit funds into his/her account in several easy, convenient ways, providing more spendable cash and, ultimately, greater return to your facility.

The best part is this service is completely FREE to all correctional facilities.

Your facility will benefit from Access Secure Deposits technology in many ways:

  • All funds deposited to the inmate’s account are guaranteed
  • The need for facility staff to handle cash and money orders is eliminated
  • Mail room and accounting staff workload is reduced
  • Funds are posted in real-time
  • Reconciliation time is reduced
  • Data Detective software automatically identifies and demonstrates relationships of individuals who have interacted with multiple inmates
  • Exposure to fraud/counterfeit money is eliminated
  • The kiosk takes a photo of each depositor for potential investigative purposes
  • Revenue generation options are available

This same convenient service can be used for probation and parole payments.

Access Secure Deposits users can deposit funds in a number of ways, including:

  • Toll-Free Number – Our bilingual agents at multiple call centers provide prompt, friendly, efficient support.
  • Online – Web users can make deposits at 24/7. After setting up an online account, they’ll have access to a detailed deposit history, as well as customer support and specific program rules and details.
  • Lobby Kiosk – Many of our customers now use deposit kiosks in their lobbies. The kiosks accept cash and credit and debit cards, and are equipped with a security camera that photographs all users. All cash management and kiosk maintenance is included in the service.