Access Secure Release

With Access Secure Release, inmates will no longer leave your facility carrying sensitive information such as the bank account and routing numbers found on release checks.

The program also eliminates the need for staff to handle, manage and reconcile cash. You’ll simply load inmate trust fund balances onto pre-paid debit cards and send them on their way.

Your facility will benefit from Access Secure Release technology in many ways:

  • The program is provided at NO COST to your facility.
  • Your staff no longer needs to manage and reconcile cash and checks
  • Check fraud and cash mismanagement are eliminated
  • Upon release, inmates have instant access to their funds.
  • The card works everywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • There’s no surcharge at MoneyPass ATMs, resulting in lower end-user fees.

We’ve also developed a financial literacy package to educate inmates on the advantages of receiving the pre-paid cards and the additional banking benefits included in our program. When the card is activated, card holders automatically receive the following benefits:

  • FREE direct deposit
  • The ability to remain debt free—the cardholder is only able to spend what’s on the card
  • 100% of the inmate’s funds are transferred onto the card when they are released
  • Card can be loaded from $.01 to $9,995.00